Supplier Finance helps to negotiate better transport and trade discounts

Many organisations place multiple small orders with their suppliers rather than a few large ones. This is because they cannot afford to have their cash tied up in stock. Other companies try to negotiate discounts from their suppliers but because they cannot pay immediately, they don’t achieve the best trade discounts. Others could also save on transport costs if they had the funding to place orders in bulk.


Following the Convertibill® Finance Formula, Supplier Finance provides the funding needed to negotiate bulk purchase and early payment discounts. In addition to these trade discounts, there can often be additional savings in transport costs. The Convertibill® Supplier Finance system can also be used to offer any supplier, small or large, ‘payment on demand’. However you choose to use it, the savings can have a significant impact on your profitability.

Convertibill® Supplier Finance is an equitable finance product. In using Supplier Finance, you must be fair to your suppliers. Money, time and credit control are all costs that your suppliers understand. In seeking trade discounts, it is important that they are fair. Your suppliers must be able to afford the discounts you are seeking. A marginal 2-3% discount is modest and fair and will improve your profitability.

Convertibill® Supplier Finance helps you save costs through transport and trade discounts. If you need assistance on how to use this type of finance, contact your Convertibill® Specialist or Branch Manager by:

Telephone: 01 685-3600 (Ireland) or 0844 774-7822 (United Kingdom)
Web: complete the form opposite

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