Sales Finance lets your customers purchase what they want and pay by instalments

Sales finance is a form of rental or leasing where your customers can order what they want, you are paid in full upfront and they repay Convertibill® by instalments. You decide who owns the asset at the end of term and whether it should be re-leased/re-rented, returned or upgraded. Whether the asset is a capital item, or a recurring revenue stream, Convertibill® Sales Finance can give you full value upfront.


Following the Convertibill® Finance Formula, Sales Finance removes barriers to customers purchasing your goods or services. You decide the lease/rental period that can be a few months, or several years. After you enter the details in the Convertibill® Sales Finance system, the contract is issued to your customer with your logo clearly visible. Once they electronically sign the contract, you are paid in full.

By offering Convertibill® Sales Finance to your customers, you must be sure they are creditworthy. In the event that they fail to make all the repayments, you must take the asset back and find a new customer for it. This is to ensure that the lease/rental payments continue uninterrupted. If the asset cannot be returned, then you must swap out the ‘bad’ contract and replace it with a good one.

Convertibill® Sales Finance makes it easier for customers to buy from you. It can also be used to turn future revenue streams into immediate cash. However you decide to use it, for advice or assistance on how to use this type of finance, contact your Convertibill® Specialist or Branch Manager by:

Telephone: 01 685-3600 (Ireland) or 0844 774-7822 (United Kingdom)
Web: complete the form opposite

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