Order Finance provides the confidence needed to grow market share

Every company has the capacity to deliver a certain amount of goods or services in any given month. Many have the resources and personnel to deliver more, but cannot afford too. Although these additional orders may add significant profit to the company, without adequate funding, the risks and financial burdens are too large. To grow your business, you need reliable funding that gives you the confidence to grow.


Following the Convertibill® Finance Formula, Order Finance provides the funding needed to grow your market share with confidence. Using the Convertibill® Order Finance system, you get pre-approval for the customer’s order. On receipt of your customer’s official purchase order, you book the order online and enter the costs required to fulfil it. When the order is delivered and invoiced, your Customer Finance facility pays and settles the order costs.

Convertibill® Order Finance can also use Supplier Finance to improve your margins. You can offer your suppliers ‘payment on demand’ in exchange for early payment discounts. If the additional business you can fund with Order Finance is recurring, you may also be able to negotiate bulk purchase discounts too. However you decide to use it, Convertibill® Order Finance can be a powerful product to grow market share.

Convertibill® Order Finance increases your business capacity, can improve margins and assist in the overall stability of your company as it grows its market share. For advice or assistance on how to use this type of finance, contact your Convertibill® Specialist or Branch Manager by:

Email: finance@convertibill.com
Telephone: 01 685-3600 (Ireland) or 0844 774-7822 (United Kingdom)
Web: complete the form opposite

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